Uncle Fester

NO Soldering necessary

Complete directions included

No need to raise the playfield

This accessory looks like part of the original game

      It is easy to install


The ultimate 
MUST HAVE Accessory
for your beloved Addams Family machine 


It takes only a few minutes to install this great addition to your machine.



Fitting is simple - you don't even have to raise the playfield.

Just remove the chair cover, solder or wrap the wires around the existing bulb holders, replace the chair, and squeeze Festers butt into the chair. The fit is so snug, that no glue or other fixing is required.



Uncle Fester belongs in his electric chair. 

His light bulb lights up in his mouth.



Uncle Fester

Price: $175.00

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Uncle Fester
Electrified Uncle Fester "a must"


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